Success Story of Village Level Entrepreneur

Success Story of Village Level Entrepreneur Mr. Mod Singh Anjna (Village- Jagoti, Distt. - Ujjain , Madhya Pradesh)

Mr. Mod Singh Anjna is Village Level Entrepreneur of "NICT-CSC" Project and his Common Services Center is at Village- Jagoti , Distt. Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh , India. He was unemployed before joining in CSC Project. He is successfully Running and providing Banking & Insurance Services at his Common Services Center. He is having one Laptop , one Printer , Inverter and Various relevant products relevant to CSC Services , are available at his CSC. He is earning 10000 Rs (Approx) per month and Maximum services which he is serving are from Banking, Insurance & Entertainment.

Success Story of Village level entreprenuer- Akhilesh Jaiswal at Common Service Center Dhar , MP, India

Akhilesh Jaiswal is a graduate person and earlier worked in a cloth shop. He was only focused on MPEB electricity bill collection and MP online service from his center. He started Kiosk banking service from 11-09-09 through his Common Service Center Dhar. Initially he has started weekly campaigning in his locality and increases the awareness among the villagers about this service. As he is educated person of his village, villagers get agreed comfortably for opening the saving accounts in his Common Service Centers. He explained the importance of a bank account to every one. Initially he has opened 16 Bank Saving Account and now he is handling the transaction of around 2100 Saving Account with the transaction amount of Rs. 19,18,223/-. He is enjoying , operating the banking service from his own.

Success Story of Village level entreprenuer- Anand Sharma at Common Service Center Kesoor District (Dhar) , MP, India

Anand Sharma is 12th pass and basically a shopkeeper who sales utensils of stainless and other metal products. His customer network is very strong. When he listened that NREGS payment and Kiosk Banking services is provided through CSC's (Common Service Centers) then he is motivated to start CSC (Common Service Center ) at Kesoori District (Dhar) for providing kiosk banking services and NREGS ( wages payment to needy one. He has started the services by opening 16 bank accounts of job card holders from 23/03/2010 initially, and now providing wages payments to 335 job card holders comfortably through his center.

Success Story of Village Level Entrepreneur "Dilip Agrawal" @ Common Service Center

Dilip Agrawal is a resident of Badwani district in Madhya Pradesh. He has Opened CSC Pati 1 year back. Mr. Dilip Agrawal has announced a Scheme that if a villager opens his bank account in the CSC Center then he will get free mobile SIM with minimum balance of Rs. 15 /-. It was a successful session with positive response.
In the first month he opened 12 Bank Saving Accounts and at present he is having around 1700 saving accounts with transactions of Rs. 34,38,080/- from his CSC Center, which is a great achievement in his own. Now he becomes an ideal for other VLE's also.

Success Story of Village Level Entrepreneur Mr. Jagdeesh kag (Village- Punjapur , Madhya Pradesh)

Mr. Jagdeesh Kag have established his Common Service Center at Village Punjapura, District Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh , India. He is having one computer , one Printer , one Camera etc at his common service center. Insurance, Banking, Telecom, Entertainment, MP Online etc services he is providing at his common service center.He is earning Approximately Rs. 5000/- per month from his common service center where mainly he is concentrating on Insurance Service.

Success Story of Village level entrepreneur- Mr. Jeetendra Patel at Common Service Center Depalpur , MP, India

Mr. Jeetendra Patel  is a Village level entrepreneur at Village – Depalpur , District Indore , Madhya Pradesh , India. MP Online, Electricity bill, Insurance, Banking, Telecom  etc. Services he is providing at his common Service Center. In these services main services at his center are Insurance and electricity bill submission. He is also providing the Railway Reservation Service at his Common Service Center. He is having three Computer, One Printer, one Photocopy Machine , One Camera etc at his Center. Soon  he is going to start the Educational Courses Certified and approved by IGNOU. Presently he is earning approximate Rs. 6000/- per month from his common Service Center.


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